quinta-feira, 26 de dezembro de 2013

Lovely London

London, London, you're so lovely.

You were lovely when I was nine years old and started to dream about you. When I read magical stories that took place in your streets or when I watched movies that dazzled me and made me feel like a little princess of yours.

You were lovely when I wasn't a child anymore, but still felt astonished by your beauty. When I looked around me and felt like I was in the wrong place, and even though I didn't know you, I always thought your were there, waiting for me, anxious to make me happy.

You were lovely when you made me read more and more. When you made me learn your language without complaining. When you made me study and when you made me write. When you gave me a dream to hold onto and strength to fight for it.

You were even more lovely when I finally had the opportunity to leave home and hurry to hug you. When I was scared that I wouldn't be strong enough to leave everything I ever knew behind just to enter in your whole new world. Or when I was afraid you wouldn't be what I ever dreamed of and you proved me that you were everything and even more.

London, you are lovely every single time I walk in your streets, never getting used, never taking for granted. Every time I walk out of the Tube and stop for five seconds just to breathe your air and feel it fill my lungs. Every time I couldn't help but smile because of your sounds, your music, your lights, or even because your bloody windy rain.

You're still lovely when I have to say goodbye to you, even though I haven't realised what is 'good' in our 'goodbye'. You changed me for good, I was just a silly little girl when I met you. You made me see life more clearly, made me mature, made me a better person. You gave me such wonderful friends. And I'm very grateful for everything you did for me.

That's why I promise you I'll come back. I don't know how or when, but trust me: we'll see each other again. And when that happens we'll smile to each other as old friends and you'll still be lovely, as you always are.

I love you. Thank you for everything.

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Becka Cupaiolo disse...

That it is the most adorable thing I ever read about a place.
And it's so good to see other people in love with the place, the country, that kept my heart away from me.
I finally understand when people say, "Home is where the heart is", and my love belongs to Northampton, and London, and Liverpool, and Porthsmouth and every other place I've been to.

I know you will go back and I will too and, who knows, we'll meet in London one day, after my year in the UK I wouldn't see that as a huge surprise, I expect nothing and accept everything.

And this post only makes me see how adorable YOU are, Anne! xx